Vykintas Vainius

• Name/surname: Vykintas Vainius
• Date of birth: 1994-04-13
• Zodiac: Aries
• Activity: Biochemistry
• Function in band: Drummer
• Gear: Roland TD-9KX v-drum set, Sabian cymbals, Pearl hardware, Tama Iron Cobra, Pro-Mark drum sticks
• Other instruments: guitar, bass guitar, marimba, xylophone, piano
• Other bands: Wecannot (2008-2010); Velion (2008-2010); Skëtis (2010-2011); TIMEless (2014-); Sound Injected (2016-)
• Hobbies: music, tech, automobiles, movies.
• Books: B. Stoker „Dracula“; K. Suzuki „The Ring“; S. King „The Shining“; I. Shaw „Young Lions“; A. Sapkowski „The Witcher“.
• Movies: „The Conjuring 1 & 2“; „El laberinto del fauno“; „Interstellar“; „Forrest Gump“; „Whiplash“; „Fight Club“; „Donnie Darko“; „The Truman Show“; „The Curious Case of Benjamin Button“; „About Time“; every episode of „Star Wars“.
• Music: Periphery; Animals as Leaders; Soilwork; Hooverphonic; Sybreed; Katatonia; Deftones; Born of Osiris; Between the Buried and Me; Queens of the Stone Age; White Lies; Fleshgod Apocalypse; After the Burial; Rejectionary Art; Intervals...
• About myself: extremely lazy
• About bandmates: professional musicians, sharing the same view on music

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