Rytis Paleckis

• Name, surname: Rytis Paleckis.
• Date of birth: 1985-03-20.
• Zodiac: Pisces.
• Family status:
• Activity: Civil engineer.
• Function in band: Guitar, back vocal.
• Usable stuff: Ibanez RG-321 el. guitar; Behringer
GX 212 amp; DigiTech „Distortion Factory 7“ pedal; ZOOM 707 II processor; D‘Andrea picks.
• Other instruments: Piano, accordion, drums.
• Other bands: MOOD (2002 - ...).
• Hobbys: Music, theatre, sports, motor-cycles, fishing...
• Book (-s): A. Đkëma „Balta drobulë“, B. Sruoga „Dievř miđkas“, O. Wild „The Picture of Dorian Gray“.
• Movie (-s): „A Beautiful Mind“.
• Music: Death, Napalm Death, Dissection, Dismember, Nile, Immolation, Dream Theatre, DDT, classical music.
• Religion: Roman Catholic.
• Favorite places: wild nature.
• About Ossastorium: band, wich lets me express my self.
• About bandmates: Interesting, gifted for music and peculiar people. Good friends.

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